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If you're having an emergency during regular business hours, please call the hospital and we will instruct you on how to proceed.

For all after-hours emergencies

Please call:
The Animal Emergency Hospital616.361.9911
Blue Pearl Pet Hospital: 616.284.5300  
Cedar Animal Hospital:  616.696.1212

Services we Offer

We provide exceptional medical care with state of the art equipment and an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our doctors have a combined 21 years of experience serving clients in the Big Rapids area.

We also cover general medical care for exotic pets.

Dental Care

From Dental cleanings to Extensive Oral Surgery

Don’t let dental disease sneak up on your pet! Did you know that most dogs and cats don’t show outward signs of dental disease until it is severe?

We provide preventive oral care and cleanings as well as oral surgery when it comes time for removal of painful, diseased, or broken teeth.

Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiography, Dental Radiography, &  Ultrasounds

In-house laboratory that allows one-stop shopping and same day results for many of our tests as well as reference lab services.
Ultrasounds  allow us to get detailed images and information about what is going on internally in a non-invasive manner. Our doctors have specialized training in ultrasound imaging which helps to guide medical decisions and treatment.  

Emergency Care

When Life Happens

Emergency care is available during regular business hours.

End of Life Care

Saying Goodbye

Compassion, Care and Support for you and your pet during a difficult time of need. We offer Euthanasia with cremation service as well as outdoor euthanasia weather permitting.

Senior Pet Care and Pain Management

Manage Your Pet's Pain.

Find out what medical issues may be lurking as your pet ages and make sure that he is comfortable and happy.

When medical issues are caught early, they can be managed more appropriately.

We offer senior blood panels and testing as well as treatments and pain control options for common age-related issues.

Health Certificates

Stay Up to Date

International and interstate health certificates are available.

Please call ahead to ensure we have all the necessary requirements for your pet’s destination, as well as for the airline, if applicable.


Find Your Friend

Available for dogs and cats and is quick and easy! Ensure that your pet has the best chance of finding his way back to you in the event he gets lost!


In Office Prescriptions

Find the medications and preventives your pet needs with one-stop shopping.

Low-stress and compassionate handling of patients including anti-anxiety medications and supplements where needed.

Preventative Care

Including Puppy/Kitten Wellness exams, Vaccinations, Parasite Control, and Behavioral & Training Consultation

Stay a step ahead and prevent infectious disease and parasites by letting us come up with a vaccine plan that fits your pet’s needs and keeps your family safe.

There are many diseases such as parvovirus and distemper that can be fatal if a pet is exposed. In addition, there are a number of diseases like leptospirosis and rabies that can affect humans.

We have heartworm, intestinal worm, and flea/tick preventive options that make saying goodbye to parasites easy!   

Soft Tissue Surgery

Skilled, Professional Experts

You're in good hands with our exceptionally trained Veterinarians. 

From spays and neuters to more advanced surgeries such as mass removals, bladder surgery, abdominal exploratory surgery, wound management/trauma, etc.

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